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We are a full service Specialized dealer, but that's not all.   We service all makes and models of bikes and sell a wide range of accessories.  Come on in and find that special something for the cyclist in your life.

We're a bike shop accessible to all kinds of bike riders.  Whether you're 2 or 92 we can get you a bike that fits your life and you'll love to ride.  We can help you find the right bike whether you bike for recreation, transportation, or competition, and the result is a happier, healthier you.  At the Bicycle Chain you can feel comfortable asking any question since our diverse staff understands all the reasons to ride a bike.

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With our 6Fattie wheel system, you get more traction and floatation, which means more control, speed, and most importantly, fun. Meet the ultimate trail hardtails, the all-new Fuse and Ruze. Artist: Diamond Youth Song: In The Clouds Album Title: Nothing Matters www.topshelfrecords.com www.dmndyouth.com