We are still practicing the "old school" bike shop practice of having our bike mechanics talk to customers.  We also have very low staff turnover.  If you have a hard to fix issue you can talk to the person who will perform the work on your bike - this practice is getting harder to find these days.  All of us here love working on bikes.  In fact, we only hire people who are excited about working on bikes.  The three full timers have over 50 years of experience fixing bikes. Whether you need the latest firmware fix on your electronic shifting setup or a repair on that 50 year old nostalgic keepsake we are here to take care of your bike.  Last summer we restitched the wheel cover on a Dutch bike from the 1940's the same day we had the latest high tech road bike hooked up to our laptop for some diagnostic work.

Want to do your own repairs?  We'll help you get the right parts and tools, and even offer some helpful advice.

Looking for the mobile service page?  Try here.

We do not add a "shop supply fee" to our services like many of our competitors do.  They add this fee so when you call you get quoted a lower price.  We do not operate this way.  I would rather be upfront about the cost rather than add on charges when you check out.  Some of our popular service packages are:

  • Appetizer Tune up - We go over 50+ items for proper adjustment and tightness including truing your wheels and adjusting your brakes and derailleurs. $80.00 plus parts if needed.  Full list of items covered available in the store.
  • Main Course - Includes all the adjustments plus cleaning in our environmentally friendly parts cleaner. $150.00 plus parts if needed.
  • The Works - We take everything off your bike, clean it all, install new bearings, and re-assemble your bike with new cables and housing.  $250.00 includes cables and housing.  Parts extra if needed.