When you're looking for a bike for a special purpose, the Bicycle Chain can help you find it. 



Electric Bikes

We stock and service Bionx and Specialized Electric assist systems and complete bikes.  Unfortunately, Bionx went out of business in 2018. We still have Bionx parts and kits that we are selling at blowout prices! Check out our eBay listings for some Bionx parts. Specialized has a huge presence in the electric bike world. They are fully committed to providing aftermarket service and support.

In addition, we cary The Specialized Como, Levo, and Vado line of bikes. These electric bikes utilize efficient and powerful Turbo technology, with a battery that is fully integrated with the down tube. The exclusive, custom-tuned motor smoothly and quietly puts out up to 530 watts of additional power to the pedals to make climbing nearly effortless, and the output is fully adjustable to conserve energy.

We also have the factory diagnostic tools for both Bionx and Specialized bicycles, making purchasing from us a great investment.