The Bicycle Chain staff are top notch.  



Dave B, Owner (24 years)

  • Number of current bikes: 7
  • Former runner (ran competitively in college).  Bike raced for many years.  I had the most success at Cyclocross but raced mtn and road too.  After 20 years competing I now ride my bike to stay fit. 
  • Bike Most Often Ridden: At the moment a Specialized cyclocross bike.  During the summer I rode an S Works Roubaix which is one of the nicest bikes I have ever ridden (and I have owned a lot of bikes in this job).
  • Favorite Bike Ride: Several: Biking my kids to school and then a relaxed ride to work.  MN River bottoms in Bloomington.  Lewis and Clark National forest in Montana.
  • Other interests: Nordic Skiing, sailing, dogs, Currently doing some volunteer coaching with the MYSL (MN Youth Ski League).

Current Staff: 

Bob M: Full time (about 14 years at the shop).  Road and Mtn biking. 

Josh L: Full time (about 15 years at the shop) . Road, Mtn, downhill, and dirt track riding.  Josh teaches snowboard lessons in the winter.

Dave B: Part time, retired from Medtronic.  Dave enjoys road, mtn, and commuting by bike.  He also enjoys nordic skiing.  

Ethan F: Part time. Road, Mtn, and cross races.  Now studying physics at UW River Falls. 

Graham W: Triathlons are Graham's thing.  He is an IRONMAN.   

Wanda D: Part time.  Retired from the Wind industry and now working in a different kind of renewable energy. Travels by bike whenever she can. 

Wyatt F: Part time.

Jordan C: Part time.  Lover of country music, NASCAR, and all things bicycle related.  Former pro cyclist, current U of M student.

Isabel T: Part time. Goes to the U of M.

Matt D: Full time. Likes anything pedal powered and on two wheels. Passionate about single track and new mountain bike tech.