The Bicycle Chain staff are top notch.  



Dave B, Owner (24 years)

  • Number of current bikes: 7
  • Former runner (ran competitively in college).  Bike raced for many years.  I had the most success at Cyclocross but raced mtn and road too.  After 20 years competing I now ride my bike to stay fit. 
  • Bike Most Often Ridden: At the moment a Specialized cyclocross bike.  During the summer I rode an S Works Roubaix which is one of the nicest bikes I have ever ridden (and I have owned a lot of bikes in this job).
  • Favorite Bike Ride: Several: Biking my kids to school and then a relaxed ride to work.  MN River bottoms in Bloomington.  Lewis and Clark National forest in Montana.
  • Other interests: Nordic Skiing, sailing, dogs, Currently doing some volunteer coaching with the MYSL (MN Youth Ski League).

Current Staff: 

Bob M: Full time (about 14 years at the shop).  Road and Mtn biking. 

Josh L: Full time (about 15 years at the shop) . Road, Mtn, downhill, and dirt track riding.  Josh teaches snowboard lessons in the winter.

Dave B: Part time, retired from Medtronic.  Dave enjoys road, mtn, and commuting by bike.  He also enjoys nordic skiing.  

Ethan F: Part time. Road, Mtn, and cross races.  Now studying physics at UW River Falls. 

Graham W: Triathlons are Graham's thing.  He is an IRONMAN.   

Wanda D: Part time.  Retired from the Wind industry and now working in a different kind of renewable energy. Travels by bike whenever she can. 

Wyatt F: Part time.  Recently promoted to President of the plant Hydration department.  The Bicycle Chain has one living plant but we may acquire more if this promotion works out as well as we are hoping.

Jordan C: Part time.  Lover of country music, NASCAR, and all things bicycle related.  Former pro cyclist, current U of M student.

Isabel T: Part time. Goes to the U of M.

Matt D: Full time. Likes anything pedal powered and on two wheels. Passionate about single track and new mountain bike tech.